Photo Cred: Cassy Berry Photography

Hi there, my name is Janessa and I am the imagination behind this whole endeavor. I have been fortunate to take a hobby and turn it into a business. I grew up here in the Willamette Valley and have a BA from the University of Oregon. I fell in love with photography when I
was a child and haven’t stopped.

There is something magical about how a photograph can say so much about a person. Before digital, when we used film, light would actually hit the silver in the film and that is what created the negative. I like to think that as humans we radiate light from our soul, and photography is a way to capture a small piece of that to preserve it for all time. Many people tend to feel vulnerable in front of a camera, and I think this is why. It is important to me that you are comfortable having your pictures taken, so I tend to keep our sessions light and fun. I’ll guide you through the process so there is no surprises. My sessions usually end in us being new friends so let’s get coffee and get to know each other. Explore my site to check out my style – which tends to be very organic an natural. Drop me a note if you have any questions!